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treatment, tending, notice, support - the work of providing treatment for or attending to a person or one thing; "no health-related care was expected"; "the previous automobile needs continuous awareness"

[5] Other people argue that storing of worth is just deferral of your exchange, but isn't going to diminish The point that money is often a medium of exchange that can be transported the two across Room and time. The time period "economical capital" is a more general and inclusive time period for all liquid instruments, if These are a uniformly recognized tender. Medium of Trade

Money functions as a normal evaluate and customary denomination of trade. It really is thus a basis for quoting and bargaining of price ranges. It is necessary for establishing efficient accounting techniques. Common of deferred payment

work - move into or on to; "work the raisins into your dough"; "the coed worked a few jokes into his presentation"; "work your body onto the flatbed truck"

7. To deliver into a specified problem by gradual or repeated effort and hard work or work: ultimately worked the window open up; worked the slaves to Demise.

the place s is displacement along the road. If File is continual, As well as being directed along the line, then the integral simplifies more to

Need to have One more tax break? Consider funding your IRAAnyone with earned profits can fund an IRA, and when you're looking to lower your tax bill in a make money online very meaningful way, it pays to lead to one.

4a : something which benefits from a selected way or approach to working, working, or devising cautious law enforcement work intelligent digital camera work

I am even now working on Mum to lend me the vehicle → Je travaille toujours Maman au corps pour qu'elle me prête la voiture.

This work [remaining a prize fighter] needs stunning concentration … it’s like staying a priest; our work will come 1st —Clifford Odets

process, operation - a process or number of functions Specifically of the practical or mechanical character involved with a specific method of work; "the functions in creating a home"; "selected machine tool operations"

sculpt, sculpture - create by shaping stone or Wooden or another tough content; "sculpt a swan outside of a block of ice"

fourteen. To carry on an Procedure or functionality in or by: the agent who works that area; working the telephones for donations.

8. For making, accomplish, or pay for by work or energy: worked her method to the highest; worked his passage within the ship.

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